In my life (Banana toast)

Toasted bread with a mascarpone and peanut butter spread, topped with banana and cacao nibs.

Pan fresco tostado con queso mascarpone, crema de cacahuate, platano fresco y semillas de cacao.

$ 130

Extra Nutella

$ 20

Red is the color (Red fruit toast)

Toasted bread with mascarpone cheese and topped with home made red fruit compote.

Pan fresco tostado con queso mascarpone y frutos rojos macerados.

$ 140

With a little help from my friends (Hotcakes)

• 3 layers served with bacon and butter.
• 3 layers served with baana, strawberry and granola.

• 3 niveles, opción salada con tocino y cubos de mantequilla.
• 3 niveles, opción dulce con banana, fresa y granola.

$ 150

Extra Nutella

Extra Peanut Butter

Extra Crema de Maní

$ 20

$ 20